St Peters WeddingThinking of a church wedding? We would love for you to be married in one of our churches where it will be special, beautiful, spiritual and personal as we help prepare you for marriage.

If you have a qualifying connection and have not been married before then it is straightforward. If you are divorced or don't have a qualifying connection with the parish you may still be able to be married in the parish, but will need to speak to Jonathan the vicar first.

Visit the Church of England weddings site to check the legal aspects of getting married in church, and planning your ceremony. A church wedding is one of life's very special moments, based upon a solemn, public and life-long promise between a man and a woman, declared and celebrated in the presence of God and before witnesses. Marriage is intended to be a lifelong commitment where husband and wife grow together in love and trust and uniting in heart, body and mind.
Some general information that you may find useful:

Please contact the Office to discuss further or arrange the next steps, please fill in the enquiry form here