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Shining Brighter appeal 

We launched this appeal on Sunday 2 April to share our financial vision and asking people to prayerfully consider how they can support it.

The leaflet with all the details is available to download.

The leaflet contains two brief stories of church members. Below are fuller versions:

Brenda Collard
IMG 20230329 115149088In 1979 Reg, Louise, Ella and I moved to Mayford, Woking. Our lives at that time were extremely busy and we only visited St Peter's on rare occasions. As the years went by Louise and Ella became involved in Guides and bell ringing - they learnt their skills at St Peter’s .
Louise also married there plus my grandchildren Jacob and Nathaniel were also christened at St Peter’s . Time moved on. Reg for many years had mental health problems and was eventually diagnosed as Bipolar. His illness took over our lives. After much thought we moved to the Isle of Wight which helped his stress levels immensely. But out of the blue I lost him, he took his own life. This left me totally traumatised. I had to move, but WHERE? Suffolk to be near Ella and start afresh? But after 4 years I had this strange calling to move back to Woking. This I did to the surprise of my family.
I had this urge to go back to church but it had to be St Peter’s. Why? A good question. God was definitely calling. A friend at keep fit mentioned St Peter’s, can I come with you I asked? One Sunday morning I went with Jane, and to my surprise people remembered me. As I walked into church I felt at home. St Peter’s wrapped its arms around me, I was at peace. Church is my other family. God has definitely called me back home. St Peter’s has always made me feel extremely welcome, and being part of church activities and spending time with my church family is very important to me.
Thank you for God’s love.

Marie Blomfield
The first time I went to St Peter's Church I had my children christened. It was bout three and a half years ago. Since then me and my family have been going to church every Sunday. They feel warm and say they love it . They love Sunday school and learning about God.  We kept going after the christening as we felt welcome and all the people are so friendly. It is wonderful to see your children on stage taken part in the activities. My two little ones  love dressing up playing the roles of God and Mary at Christmas time etc.  We love our church and what they do to help commitment towards every one as well as our community. I love that my kids bring smiles to people's faces at church. They love the Energise service as they do there the wiggle wiggle song and smile and dance, bringing  warmth and love to every one. I asked my kids what they love about church. They replied "we love God and we love to make smiles as well as making sure we sing load too". Thank you St Peters for helping me and my family feel welcome and we will keep following our path though the church.